18. Care box delivery service

Getting sick is horrible, it is even more horrible when you are home alone or away from home.
We need to forever change this and create a care box delivery service that delivers a care package right to your home that offers a selection of real food healthy soups with many soup selections such as a simple chicken noodle, a turmeric based one and garlic based soup for wellness and other side items such as rice pudding, jello, cookies, breads and freshly squeezed juices and tea selections.

The service can include puzzles, games, adult/children coloring books for when you are restless and bored at home.

It can include option to add over the counter medicine to your order saving the sick person a trip to the pharmacy.

Once you change how people do sick - hire nurses that can check up on the sick person and suggest a coarse of action.

No one should be home alone without the necessities they need for a speedy recovery.

17. Girls Can Lead subscription based monthly booklets for young girls

Despite many achievements accomplished by women over the years, statistics tell us that they make up only 14% of top executives and 8% of top earners today.  While its good that women have entered the workforce in droves and make up 52% of entry level positions, we have long way to go to level the playing field and make up for years of discrimination and hundreds of years of people telling women they can't.  Empowering girls to be more brings a perspective to the most powerful and influential positions that matter, decisions that shape the world.  In order to get there we need to show girls they belong. 

Girl Can Lead monthly subscription mission is to inspire the future generation of girl leaders and make them feel they belong. 
Their voice matters. 
Highlighting stories of women leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers on a consistent basis - young girls will have other women to look up to making the way to leveling the playing field by inspiring girls to dream big. It would incl…

16. Digital behavior calendar that hangs over door and dispenses stickers

Walk into any classroom from nursery to 2nd grade and you will find a dedicated teacher who hand made a behavior chart that rewards goods behavior. What works in the classroom will certainly work at home to help stressed out parents manage child's behavior and reinforce good behavior.

Parents need an easy to use digitized calendar that will start the day with a yellow check mark and by end of day child can be in red - you know what red means, or move up to a green check mark - hooray. Upon earning a green check mark for good behavior, the child will receive a super cool sticky dispensed from the device or small games.

Parents can refill sticker dispenser with cool sticker or small games choices based on child's likes. Super cool!

15. App that connects classroom parents

I recently had the opportunity to chaperone my son's 5th grade field trip. It was awesome and I am so glad I went! I met other parents and had opportunity to talk about the school system, teachers and struggles as a parent whether working or at home.

We set up meet-ups for our children to hang on the weekend and talked about shared experiences with teachers. It was a shame that it was the end of the year that I had this opportunity to get to know the parents' of the children my son interacts with every day for the entire year.  We need an app that connects classroom parents. A way for them to start chats, plan play dates and get to know each other. Maybe even share parenting struggles, community events or meet up for coffee. It would be a great outlet for parents who other way have no other opportunity to make such community connections!

14. Real food support group

Our county faces a health epidemic. We are suffering from preventable diseases and suffer from weight management issues. If 80% of your food is not real food you are taking years away from your life. Food impacts quality and longevity and yet food is not a priority, instead convenience and temptation win over our demons making many of us addicted to highly processed, junk food. 
 Making major transformations alone is impossible and many fail at eating healthy real sustainable foods. Developing a business around offering a support group that focuses on real food support. will tremendously change this countries quality of life. 
Each week meet with your group, set goals and measure success against amount of real food vs processed food consumed in a week. Talk about challenges faced with eating real food with a coach and make a real life long transformation.

13. A sign hung in car window with label "New Driver - Be Kind"

It's scary being a new driver on the road and even more scary for parents who with a blink of an eye have their once baby in diapers on the road. I am not there yet but the thought gives me shivers today.
Thousands of people earn their license every single
day many of them teenagers with anxious parents not so ready to send off their kids onto the world.  A new driver sign in a side window alerts nearby drivers and maybe they will take heart and take it easy on the new driver as they navigate their way on the road.

12. Find and hire home based cook or food prep help at home

Some states are wisening up and legalizing home cooks. We need an app that makes it easy to find a local home cook that can whip up your favorite dishes or baked goods for you and deliver to your door. You want to get healthy but no time for food prep. How about use the same app to find food prep masters who can come to your home chop up and prep and freeze meals for you at your home for an entire month at a time.  Now that's an app worth biting into.