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4. Small car vacuum that fits in glove compartment

Don't you hate how crumbs fall between the cracks in your car and its so difficult to clean right then in there.

We need a super suction pencil shape vacuum that can suck crumbs from these tiny places. Picking up these disgusting and unavoidable little buggers while keeping our car and maybe even homes clean will save us from all those crazy moments of agitation. 
How about when yucky things fall between your car seats and you have all the intention in the world to keep your car clean but do not have the tools to get those hard to reach places? This device will be the everywhere and everything easily accessible and handy dandy vacuum tool.

3. App that helps potential franchisees find a franchise match

Interested in starting a franchise but don't know which one? A franchise match service takes your information and determines which franchises you can buy and which areas there is a need and finds you your match.

By filling out a preliminary information you can determine which franchises work best for your lifestyle, your budget and your needs.  This service helps you identify opportunities that may other wise be missed by searching multiple sites looking for one answer: which franchise is a good match for me?

2. Umbrella that hovers over your head

Who wants to walk around while holding an umbrella? Not me!

Staying dry in the rain and keeping your hands free is a problem to be solved by our generation. Could a magnetic device keep an umbrella hovering over your head or could a rechargeable battery operated flying contraption that follows a device you place in your purse or pocket do the trick?

This device keeps you dry in the rain while floating above your head at a perfect distance.

1. Vase that keeps flowers fresher longer

Some of us can't seem to keep flowers alive for long.  Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a vase that promised to do just that - keep your flowers alive longer?

Is it possible? Anything seems to be.