About 1000 Brilliant Ideas

Hi there!

I'm Helen and welcome to 1000 brilliant ideas!

For my entire existence on this good Earth, I have taken the path of least resistance and it sucks.
It's what I like to call "blessed stressed."

Following rules and fitting the mold of college, corp job, marriage, house and children has been tremendous experience and for that I am truly blessed.
Maneuvering within the corporate jungle while raising a family simultaneously well that equals stressed.

I find myself feeling something is just not right for me and daydream about all the other things I would rather be doing like brilliant ideas.

Path of least resistance
Graduate College → Land a Corporate Job → Get Married→ Buy a House →Have 2 Children

I can't seem to shake off this constant gnawing feeling that never really goes away of dissatisfaction, guilt and mediocracy.

This is what I like to call "stressed blessed living." I have been granted many opportunities that many others around the world do not have access to. I should be happy. I should be content. Was I crazy?
Why was my heart no longer in it? I was constantly stressed and over worked and wanting to be somewhere else, doing something else - something that would fit the life I wanted to live, not some future fashioned for me when I chose my major when I was 18 years old.

Time is fleeting and I started to think long and hard about how and what I was doing with time oh precious time. I wanted to focus more time on the quality of food we ate, focus more time on my children. I wanted to become a foster parent and solve a real problem with the foster care system.  The life I currently have isn't setting me up for such things.  How can I do these things, if I myself was constantly stressed, surviving and hating every minute of it.

For years, this gnawing feeling of generating ideas never leaves me like a buzzing fly around your picnic table, I need ideas to transport me away from a cubicle into a land of possibilities.  I need it to find my groove, my motivation,  thinking up something out of nothing rejuvenates me.

I am a suburban living, corporate working woman with brilliant ideas that are dying to come to life.

Will I implement any of these ideas? Maybe.
For now I am jotting them here and taking myself into the land of possibilities.

Thanks for stopping by!


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