18. Care box delivery service

Getting sick is horrible, it is even more horrible when you are home alone or away from home.
We need to forever change this and create a care box delivery service that delivers a care package right to your home that offers a selection of real food healthy soups with many soup selections such as a simple chicken noodle, a turmeric based one and garlic based soup for wellness and other side items such as rice pudding, jello, cookies, breads and freshly squeezed juices and tea selections.

The service can include puzzles, games, adult/children coloring books for when you are restless and bored at home.

It can include option to add over the counter medicine to your order saving the sick person a trip to the pharmacy.

Once you change how people do sick - hire nurses that can check up on the sick person and suggest a coarse of action.

No one should be home alone without the necessities they need for a speedy recovery.


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